The following are my best answers to questions we encounter when talking with people about our project. See something we missed? Please let us know by clicking the Contact link. Thank you for contributing!

Where are the flavors?

We are more than prepared to launch with multiple flavors. However, launching a product on a large scale involves many costly components. Thus, to make sure we reach our funding goal we are asking for only what we need to launch the plain sparkling water. In this way we can more accurately test our model of using a mass market product to engage peoples hearts and help those without clean water access. Rest assured though, we have a lot of flavor coming your way!

Where do you source your water?

We do not use a point source (most have been found to be contaminated with micro plastics). This allows us to decentralize production, save money on distribution and maximize our impact. Furthermore, with modern filtration technology you can work miracles with even the most contaminated water and create a better more consistent product than can be found elsewhere.

Who do you help?

Anyone and everyone who does not have access to clean water. 

No, seriously who specifically are you helping?

We started by sending water to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017. Last year, in 2018, we set up local Atlanta outreach, which is ongoing. Do you know of any outreach programs in the Atlanta area? Please connect us! We are still looking for more places to help.

*Please note all donations to date were established before we had product or profits.

Moving forward we have a five fold approach to who we aid. It includes infrastructure building in developing countries (through third party non-profits), local outreach, disaster relief, development and customer picked full project funding.

Are you a non-profit or just an LLC?

We are a Public Benefit Corporation, which demonstrates our commitment to our charter purpose. Our goal is to maximize outreach and involvement for stakeholders. This classification also protects us from legal action for not maximizing profits as we are legally established as a mission forward company.

So you send sparkling water to developing countries?

LOL, no definitely not! We make sparkling water for the general public. When people purchase our products we go into action working to provide access to clean water and protecting people's right to clean water in as much as we are able. EVERYONE DESERVES WATER!!

Why sparkling water?

Sparkling water is a fun way to engage as many people as possible. We believe EVERYONE DESERVES WATER but more than that we want to inspire and empower our consumers by showing them they can create the world they want to see. So sparkling water is perfect because it gives us a way to activate caring individuals who might otherwise not feel they are able to be a part of the solution. BUT THEY CAN!!!

Where can I buy your products?

Azili Sparkling Water is not in production yet. Our model only works on a huge scale and we have to grow super fast to make our impact goals a reality. But don't worry, as soon as we are past our funding round we will be available online and in stores all across the southeast!

How is Azili maximizing its impact?

Azili’s lofty goals focus on brand growth to achieve maximum impact in the shortest amount of time. A large scale model creates the greatest impact most rapidly.

To realize this objective, volume is key. Many great companies that give 50%, 70% or more started out giving nothing and grew into their impact over time. This means we have to turn a lot of money back into the company for the first few years. Once we are up and moving as a mass market product we have aggressive ideas to expand our impact, so stay tuned!!