We all have the ability to assist with the goal of clean and safe drinking water for the world.  Now that you’re inspired to get involved, start by helping a local outreach for clean water within your own community.

What you can do right now:

Attend the public meetings held by local organizations. Ask what you can do to reduce residential and business water pollutants. As individuals, we can each play a role in clean water outreach campaigns. Strive to understand the importance of clean and healthy waterways, and how each of us can do our part to protect water locally during everyday activities. Take advantage of free local resources to stay educated and aware.

Volunteer on committees and to assist with clean water campaigns such as educational outreach initiatives. Help bring awareness on a regional level. How? Talk about it! Water affects every person you meet. Don’t waste an opportunity to inform friends, business colleagues, new acquaintances from networking, etc. Share with others as you learn about water management and its effectiveness.

Your community needs your everyday assistance with litter prevention and less toxic home, garden and auto care. But to make an even bigger impact, you can join one of the hands-on events organized by your local community or member agency. Here you can volunteer with other community members to clean up creeks and restore habitats. Certain programs were established in response to traumatic events of nature, so find a project that may personally interest you.

Finding your local organizations online is easy. A great place to get started in Atlanta is the Metro Water District.