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Soda Water

For Good

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Help those who do not have safe access to clean water. It may be short but these eleven words are the core of why we exist. For nearly a decade this dream has existed. Two years ago the focus of the dream became the water crisis. Today we are on the verge of initiating a kickstarter to launch the Azili brand.


To uplift your spirit with tiny bubbles and your mind with the knowledge that by drinking our soda water you are helping those in need. We aim to expand our impact each year as our company grows.


“There is nothing worth having that you can't give away.”

Maurice Manning  |  Chief water wizard

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Lower the point of entry for making a difference and give a voice to a brighter future. Ever see something you wanted to change, but didn't know where or how to start? We understand. No need to overthink it; it's as simple as a soda water! 


A stronger more vibrant future where people struggle less for their basic needs. A future where people have the freedom to focus on their contributions to the world. A future where your biggest challenge is what you can share next with the world. We are not just another company, we are a vehicle for collaborators.


Ready to help?



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